Impulsive LLC Air Fresheners Pack - FULL COLLECTION (36 pcs)

Impulsive LLC Air Fresheners Pack - FULL COLLECTION (36 pcs)

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 Impulsive LLC Air Freshener Pack Now Available!

Customize your day to day life with Impulsive LLC Air Fresheners. Scents last up to 2 Weeks!

This is Impulsive LLC full collection of air fresheners! Can't decide which air freshener you want? Why not collect them all!!


This pack includes:

1 Moon Air Freshener - Midnight Ice

1 Chibi Air Freshener - Cherry

1 Mars Air Freshener - Midnight Ice

1 Tuxedo Air Freshener -  Strawberry

1 Luna Cat Air Freshener -Midnight Ice

1 Jupiter Air Freshener - Green Apple

1 Venus Air Freshener - Lemon

1 Saturn Air Freshener -Blueberry

1 Pink Guy A.F. 


1 Turbo A.F. -New Car

1 Work A.F.

1 Intake A.F.

1 Teehee A.F.

1 Coilover A.F.

1 H.K. A.F.

1 Evil Bunny A.F.

1 Choco Cat A.F.

1 Puppy A.F.

1 Blue Bunny A.F.

1 Pink Bunny A.F.

1 Frog A.F.

1 Boba A.F.

1 Lucky Cat A.F.

1 PP A.F.

1 E28 A.F.

1 S2000 A.F.

1 E30 A.F.

1 Sage A.F.

1 Viper A.F.

1 Reyna A.F.

1 KJ A.F.

1 Neon A.F.

1 Jett A.F.

1 Sriracha A.F.


*Impulsive LLC is not responsible for user error application or the misuse of the product.*



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