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Jdm Croc Charm Jibbitz

Jdm Croc Charm Jibbitz

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Impulsive LLC JDM Croc Charm Jibbitz

Jdm Croc Charms are available in 8 different car designs or as a whole pack!

Charms are 2.5 - 3.5CMs


Please be careful installing and removing croc charms for longer lasting products. 

Push charms from top for installation. For REMOVAL please push charms from the bottom located inside the shoe for best results. DO NOT PULL FROM ABOVE FOR REMOVAL.


-Yellow FD RX7

-White FC RX7

-White/Black Toyota AE86

-Pink Mazda Miata

-White Evo 

-Teal 86 BRZ/FRS

-Blue Nissian 350Z

-Blue WRX

Jibbitz are not made for children, Chocking Hazard


*Impulsive LLC is not responsible for the misuse of any products.

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